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Rex - MusicManager

Simply the biggest and best mp3 / media player with source code on the web. Recurisive search on the disk, reads / writes m3u files, retrieves tags, CDDB support, powerful find feature, Save custom playlists, Parameters on startup, song properties with more than 60 tags, soon a CD Write support. This program is always under construction so please check it out...

Original Author: unknown


Try to launch musicmanager with a parameter like D/C:music and see what happens.


To read a directory structure, press the collection button and then ADD Drive. Select a folder from the browseforfolders window and let musicmanager do the rest.

Side Effects

I know of no side effects, but if you find any, please mail them to me at To run this program you need VB6 and SP3. Thanx, MrHippo

API Declarations

There are many great API calles used in MusicManager. I have commented their use wery well so you may learn a trick or two.

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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