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Allows you to store data using a self describing method, much like XML minus Attributes. Ex:
Dim AddressBook As VCollection
AddressBook!Coworkers!John!Phone = "201-345-3456"
That's the basics... Check out the module VShared, and you'll find a test procedure that will demonstrate some pretty cool hidden, yet inherant features.

Original Author: Stephen Goguen


If you want to understand this code, learn about default parameterized properties, overloading (this sort of emulates overloading), and prepare to run through lots of scenerios.

Side Effects

Beware, this code throws no errors, for those who like to catch errors. For the most part I beleive that errors are a good way of notifying the user unless it makes them right more code than they have to. It's a philosophy I picked up from some EE friends. If you don't like it, change some of my code to throw errors, or you can convince me. I'm actually pretty open minded...
NOTE: This code uses Collection objects, which may not be the most efficient tool for the job, but to keep things readable and minimal it does the job well.

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Visual Basic 6

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