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System Monitor 2k - View CPU Usage, kb/s in Internet connections, etc.

Similar to the System Monitor application found in Windows, this ActiveX DLL (source included) lets you include a CPU Usage monitor, lets you see the amount of bytes sent/received per second over the Internet, the amount of bytes read/written per second on a drive, or anything else that you see in Windows' System Monitor!
Dim SysMon As New SysMon
NetKBReadPerSec=SysMon("Dial-Up Adapter")("BytesRecvd")
NetKBTransmitPerSec=SysMon("Dial-Up Adapter")("BytesXmit")
It's that simple!
Not too commented but it's VERY easy to use.
Also, IT MAY NOT WORK IN WINDOWS NT, because NT uses a HKEY_PERFORMANCE_DATA key instead of HKEY_DYN_DATA, and I don't have NT to see the structure of it, if anyone makes modifications for it to run in NT please post them here.

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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