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Atwinda Remote File Broswer

Atwinda Remote File Browser is a server/client based program.
The Server side of it allows the client to connect, and use the
following commands:
*Directory Listing
*Drive Listing
*Edit File
*File Listing
*PopUp messages
*Process listing
*Save File(make new files)
*Shutdown the Sever
*View File
b/c of the seriousness of the actions you can perform from the client
(file editing) the server can set command permissions. Event Logging,
and required login. All the default settings are in .rfd files (remote
file documents). don't delete the unblocked file. other wise u won't be
to set file permissions :(
The client is extreamly simple to use. once the user connects, they
select a comamnd (dirlist, filelist, etc...) and type a path, hit send
and boom, theres a list!
There is already another, better, version of this in the works with view

Original Author: atwinda

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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