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Direct3D 8 World Example

Thanks for downloading my code. This is really just an example of how to begin a world in Direct3D 8. The graphics aren't very good, but I hope that it maybe helps someone. It's pretty well commented and I think it's quite easy to understand. If you have any questions/queries, I'll endeavour to answer them. Please provide feedback and please vote.
I wasn't going to post this yet, but I need some help to finish/make it better. I am stuck on how to do collision detection and also how to make colours in a texture transparent. If anyone can help with either of these problems, I'd be very grateful. You can either provide your response in the form of feedback, or drop me a line at
Hopefully, then I can release a complete D3D 8 world.
Thanks for your time.
Special thanks must go to Simon Price ( for his excellent D3D tutorials and the help which he gave me on some of this project.

Original Author: Richard Hayden

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See Code.

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