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_*CyberCrypt 2*_

Visual Basic 6, or VB Classic

Lots of people emailed me about CyberCrypt 1.0
and gave my cool ratings So if you liked the last one then please download this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Same code as older version but lots more added.

: 1 'Better coding
: 2 'More file features
: 3 'Better unit
: 4 'Better dialogs
: 5 'Bug fixes
: 6 'Lot's of added code
: 7 'Settings now can be used
: 8 'Better buttons
: 9 'Help buttons
: 10 'File sizes-Updated shows KB / MB as well as bytes
: 12 'Help button
: 13 'File types
: 14 'File numbers
: 15 'Offsets
: 16 'New status bar!

Any how !!!!!!!!!! Just see the screen shot!!!!!

--------AND MORE---------

Encrypts files into CyT files, Like winzip. Has a 6 seconds encryption of a 6 meg file and an extraction of 6 / 10 seconds to extract a 6 meg
file. Input any file including exe's and zip's. I MEAN ANY FILE. Has it's own click and open file types. Good dialog graphics and comes
with a CyT file that you can extract which is full of icons, drag CyT file into the compiled exe or double click on the CyT file
after using the reg file in the zip to register the file type.
Email me at for any help. Vote for this very quick and easy coding.
Oh ya! and it's faster and works better!!!!!!!!!

Please vote for this code. I know lots of people have voted for Version 1.0 so why not Version 2.0 because it's a lot faster and is a lot better!!!!!!!----------------Since 13/12/00--Fixed 2 bugs-------------------

Original Author: Mark Withers

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

Posted: 9/3/2020 3:45:00 PM
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