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Business-strength compression, encryption and signing (single and public/private keys via CryptoAPI)

This has been updated in a new post on June 4, 2001. Please see that posting for the latest code. This class serves as a wrapper for the Microsoft CryptoAPI (Base CSP) and the Zlib compression dll. It handles all government & business compression, encryption and signature needs, without yet another "look at my new kewl encryption code" (yawn) which is breakable by any gov't agency or professional cryptographer. This latest version now shows you how to do public/private key encryption and signatures. Took 2 solid weeks to research, code and debug this code, so put it to good use. Fully commented. Includes example program to demostrate each function's use.

Original Author: Doug Gaede

API Declarations

Microsoft CryptoAPI

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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