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VBLayer Manager Open Source

I have decided to open source this for everyone to look at. if you use it in your apps please give me credit. it emulates a photoshop layer window and shows how to create a drag/drop/resizing designer form. There were numerous problems with original postings and i apologize for the wasted time. there seems to be some type of dependency issues, so if you still cant get this to run, leave a comment. as I am still in the process of developing this ,if anyone makes updates to this, i would appreciate it if they sent the file to me rather than post it here so i can incorporate the chnages, fixes into my master code that i will post when everything (everything) is complete. Eventually , there will be built in effects and filters and a whole lot more crazy stuff. anyway vote if you like it. BTW, this is not to illustrate image processing at all, it is a demonstration of controlling objects from User Controls. The example app is merely used to show the control in action.

p.s. dont forget to regsvr32 the ssubtmr.dll first
p.s.s. dont forget to vote for me and remember this is still under heavy development

Original Author: Ray Hildenbrand

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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