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Regular Expressions VBA

Regular Expressions
So what are regular expressions? Regular expressions provide tools for
developing complex pattern matching and textual search-and-replace algorithms. Ask any Perl developer, and they'll tell you that regular expressions are one of the most powerful utilities available for manipulating text and data. This MDB in a very basic way shows how to use RegExp with Access97. It shows parsing a string and validating a field with regular expressions. How to use regular expressions to break out an area code from a free format phone number and a form to develop and test regular expressions. It also shows parsing a CSV type file with fields seperated by a comma this could be expanded to parse any type of printed report page file. Contains Regular Expressions to validate phone numbers,urls,decimal numbers,email addresses(very simple) and US and Canadian Zip codes. It also shows how to force
Access to install a reference from code as you cannot set the reference
in the normal tool-reference selection.

Original Author: Marty Connelly

Side Effects

Cannot use forced reference in an MDE, must activated previously in the MDB.

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