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Advanced Graphics Routines 2.2 UPDATED **must see!**

If you want to adjust the brightness of a picture, rotate a picture with ANTI-ALIASING or AlphaBlend pictures together, maybe using an invisible mask color, and all that in vb and in just milliseconds... then you need this code! I wrote all the calculations in a C++ DLL, because it is much faster and easier to use, you just need a few lines of code to make incredible effects! in the zip-file there is the DLL and a VB-Demo to demonstrate the possibilities and the performance of my dll.

NOTE: Version 3.0 is released, go to

UPDATED! 2.0: The new package now also includes a VB-Only-Version with the functions from the dll rewritten for VB, so you can use the stuff without the dll! (though the dll is faster than the still fast VB-code, so i would use the dll). I also included a BUMP MAPPING routine a BLUR filter and an IMPROVED ALPHA BLENDING routine.

UPDATED! 2.1: Fixed a problem with 16 bit color depth. included MOSAIC filter.

UPDATED! 2.2: Added some nice, useful timer- and counter-functions. See demo for description. I Also added a complete DOCUMENTATION of all functions with descriptions of all parameters to help you using my code (see "readme.txt").

Test it and *please* vote for this really useful and good piece of code!

NOTE: Version 3.0 is released, go to

Original Author: Florian Egel

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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