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Flash Tutorial - Updated!

Imagine for a second that you can make a complete GUI by yourself... all of it done in Flash. yes my friends, it is possible: you can also use Flash for your VB needs. This tutorial explains the steps needed for you to accomplish this. believe me... It's incredible. This update contains: 1)100% Windows NT/XP compatibility; 2)How to disable the right-click Flash menu (at last!); 3)How to include your Flash movie (SWF) into the executable file itself! No more worrying about your Flash movie being modyfied! NOTE: All these changes are explained in the "UPDATES.TXT" file, contained in the ZIP... (Oh, and BTW, I would greatly appreciate your votes and suggestions... they have helped before, and i'm sure they'll help again... :)

Original Author: Bernardo Kuri N.


This tutorial assumes that you have working knowledge of VB and of Flash 4/5.
(BTW, you need to have the Flash ActiveX control installed for this program to work)


Joy and satisfaction, both to the developer and the end-user... :)

Side Effects

None (that i know of)

API Declarations

Lot's of 'em... You'll need to check the source code for the details...

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