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Linking VB6 like VC6

Include VB5 Support
Explain How to create(Link) a different App/Dll(real dll)/vxd/mips applic/WinCe applic All in VB6

Original Author: Udi Shitrit


The Linker is

You can make a differnt linking to your project's in vb6 -

e.g : you can make a project with the statment in a module or form :

public function msgtest() as long

msgtest=msgbox("Hello DLL",vbokonly,"msgbox")

end function

and use the "Make EXE" in the file menu to link the project,

at the end of the compilation process you will see the "linker pro", now you can choose the "Export" and the function name is: "msgtest"
and you should choose the "DLL" option

now click the continue button and you will see your new file (dll file,if the extension is exe just rename it)
and if you will look for its export function (dependency viewer) you will be happy to find that your new dll is exporting the function msgtest...

to download the linker just click here

if you cannot download the file directly ,you can enter here to download it : Udi's Site


you just need to rename your "link.exe" in the vb folder to something else ("" or something) and to put the downloaded file "link.exe" instead.

Enjoy it

Udi S.

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