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Advanced Graphics Routines 3.2 UPDATED **must see!**

Advanced Graphics Routines 3.2 is a Powerful, extremely fast collection of graphic routines that matches industrial standards.
I wrote the main code in a C++ - dll, though it would be theoretically possible to write all the Code in pure VB, but VB is just to slow; this way is easier to use and much faster.

This is a Completely Updated Version of the very successful, contest-winning predecessor, I improved all old functions and added many new ones.

UPDATE 3.2 (3/6/2001):

- New functions (listed below)

- Increased readability of code

- Improved GUI

List of Graphical Functions:

- Chrome (new 3.2)

- Aluminium (new 3.2)

- Hue rotation (new 3.2)

- Saturation Adjustment (new 3.2)

- Contrast Adjustment (new 3.2)

- Brightness Adjustment (fixed 3.2)

- Alpha Mask (new 3.0)

- Mosaic Filter (new 3.0)

- Relief (new 3.0)

- Blur (new 3.0)

- Invert (new 3.0)

- Outline (new 3.0)

- Flip (new 3.0)

- New Masked Draw (new 3.0)

- AlphaBlending

- Bump Mapping

- Rotating

- Anti-Aliasing

All functions can be controlled by these Parameters:

- FlipX/Y

- Invert

- Greyscale

- Use Mask Color

- Anti-Alias

The effects are realtime even for large pictures like 640x480.

Furthermore the new package contains some useful TIMER/COUNTER functions, that are very useful for example for realtime-programming.

I included some easy samples in VB and a complete VB-Demo to show all the possibilities of the library.

I hope you like the product, and if so *please* vote for this really useful and extremely fast code! Feedback would be appreciated, too.

Sincerely, Florian Egel

There are lately some download problems, but if there are problems you can get the file at

Additionally, you find the source code in C++ and a VB-only version here:

Original Author: Florian Egel

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