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Powerful 2D game engine (With Sample Game) ***Learn BitBlt

I started working on my single-player version of TAG, and I was tinkin that i needed some spicey graphics to add to it. My team and I have started this 2D game engine, which is easy to use and heavily commented, and includes multi-key detection (like DirectInput), Easy to use BitBlt handeling. If you dont know how to use bitblt and want to learn how, i suggest this is probably one of the best articles for you. On my P-III 600 Mhz I get an average speed of about 28 FPS but depending on the game it ranges from 16 FPS to upto 35 FPS, Note that this is in development and we will be improving on the speed and functionality of this engine and will be posting it both on psc and ou website at - I hope that you can make good use of this.

Original Author: (Tim Miron) yar-interactive software

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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