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Creating your first ActiveX

*17-03-01* This is an article for beginners at ActiveX. If you want to learn to make you'r own ActiveX, then this will help you on the way.

Original Author: Philip Jensen



I have updated some small errors, and commented the project file some. And better servers

I did read that PSCode didn't want articles just linking to another site, but I don't see any other way.

Look at the end to see the link.

It will guide you trhough creating a fully working OCX. I have also included the project of the OCX in the compressed file (in the future this project will be more commented).

This is the article

This is the compressed file (located on another server than pscode)

Hope you enjoy reading the article, and I will try to keep on posting more stuff like this article in the future.

Please give me feedback

Error in the upload script so can't uplaod the compressed to pscode.

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