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One Hundred Percent Pure volume

one hundred percent pure volume is a horizontal Volume slider
like you've NEVER seen before, built in raw vb6 code with no
other add-ons this code is modular, re-usable and 100% completely
Height, Width and position idenpendant.
it uses standard picture boxes to "act like" or "mimmick" a sliders
appearance, because it uses standard picture boxes, you can skin
the volume slider to any picture and dimension in the world, just
by selecting it's .picture filename property.
if you set it to 20,000 pixels wide it will still retain 100%
functionality. uttermost left of the main background picture will
remain 0%, uttermost right of the main background picture will
remain 100%, no matter how wide, high or what position left the
main background picture is set at.
It uses ADVANCED relational percentage math to calculate the
percentage value used to set the windows volume,hence its name :
One Hundred Percent Pure Volume.
use it in an MP3 Player, sound app or anything that could
use this totally unique FULLY Skinable windows volume slider.
It took me approximately 2 whole days to Just to work out the math
behind One Hundred Percent Pure volume.
It's yours for free, Enjoy. Tom Brett, CEO

Original Author: GShare Technologies

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

Posted: 9/3/2020 3:45:00 PM
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