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Splitter Control 1.1.9

Splitter Control is a Windows Explorer style splitter. To use it, add controls to it the same way you do for a frame, and set the Child1 and/or Child2 properties to the names of the added controls.


- Live and non-live updating while child controls are resized

- Customize appearance of splitter bar while not live updating

- Escape can be pressed while moving splitter bar to cancel the move

- Specify a maximum size for a child control

- Specify a minimum size for either child control

- Horizontal or vertical orientation

- Position splitter bar by percentage or absolute position

Original Author: Tim Humphrey


This is an OCX, the same as other VB components. Right-click on the toolbox to add this component to your project.

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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