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Service Control Manager

I have painstakingly researched everything dealing with services. It has taken me a while to weed through all the garbage that Microsoft dishes out but I finally did. This is a recreation (with a few tweaks) of the Service Control Manager for NT.
It doesn't do everything yet. This code shows you how to start/stop/pause/continue services. Beyond that, and even more important, it shows you how to determine IF a service can be stopped.. if it IS disabled.. if an error occurred, etc.
This is my first time submitting code to Planetsourcecode and I hope you guys vote for my code. I am planning on updating this app shortly to fully work with 2000 (using some new 2000 features) and enable the configuration of services. I also added a feature that Microsoft includes in there SCM. I am able to determine if a service depends on another service so all dependent services stop if you stop the main service. I can go into details and answer questions via feedback.
Please send me your feedback.

Original Author: Todd Herman


This app deals with services so Windows NT is required. I also use Sheridan 3d controls (threed32.ocx) which comes on the VB cd (under tools) but is not a standard install.

Side Effects

If you don't know anything about services.. don't mess with them. Stopping certain services can cause problems with your system.
You also need to be an administrator of a machine to mess with services.

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