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Type-N-Sign (A virtual interface for learning Sign Language)

This is a BETA version 0.2. I have uploaded the latest copy.

It sports a virtual point and click keyboard. By ether hitting a key or typing directly into the console, Type-n-sign will then show the appropriate hand sign. Has play back, continuous play, and Speed control features. Even supports the ability to switch out hand modules (Have a Web or Digital Cam? Customize/personalize Type-N-sign to your needs...) Current module was created using poser.

[I take no responsibility for friends helping friends cheat on spelling test using this knowledge....]

Technical Notes::

Type-n-sign uses a transparent form based on the background picture (Pure API). The latest version loads its' data from a file (Program loads in under a second now. Thanks Doug) and if the data file isn't found it will create a new one. Since it is a transparent form, I relied on Popup menus and a graphical interface based on the picture itself. Also moved code from module to a class. Reads and writes to ini file as needed. (Checks to see if program is running for the first time, if so, sets a default file and brings up Options window.)

Please read the README.txt for further information

Original Author: No0ne

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