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Scroll a Form

This simple snippet was requested by a fellow developer and I decide to post it here. It scrolls a form both horizontally and vertically. Therefore it is great for projects where run-time added controls can only be seen partially. The scrollbars will enable users to scroll to see the full view of run-time added controls.
The base codes for this snippet was given to me by Megatron (Dont know his real name) I furthur tweak it to enable the controls to be able to scrolled both ways. Please DONT vote for it. Comments will be nice. Thank You

Original Author: SoftwareMaker


It is in the Project


Sometimes, when a form's dimensions are fixed and runtime added controls can only be seen partially. The user will need to view scrollbars to scroll to see the contents of the controls. This code teaches how to scroll the form with the scrollbars



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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


Scroll a
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