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CreateMDB v1.0.13 (Update 5)

Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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CreateMDB will analyze and dump the sturture of an Access database into a BAS-module, you can include in your own project.
From your own project you can now create an access database on the fly.
This project is using ADO/ADOX v2.5 but will also work on v2.1.
Updates in v1.0.13 : Minor bug regarding Nullable columns fixed.
Updates in v1.0.12 : Minor bug regarding table description fixed, and found a solution regarding Nullable/Allow Zero lengh.
Updates in v1.0.11 : More tableproperties added and a MRU list added to menu.
Updates in v1.0.10 : Password dialog added, and some minor code updates.
Updates in v1.0.9 : Support for Queries aka Views and Procedures and improved Errorhandling.

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