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o0~)_Cool 3D partical movement~(_0o

I was just messing around and I did this on accident, but it looks really cool, so I thought I'd post it. This is the second thing that I made when I was messing around, and it's really cool too. It also might work in other VBs, I wasn't sure though.

Original Author: Jason Ryczek


' =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
' Add a timer, with intervals of 1
' -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
' This is a really simlpe and cool little program that I made
' on accident trying to make something resembling, well, something
' different. But I thought this looked cool, and I thought that
' someone might want to put it in the back of a game. If anyone does
' please give me a lil credit, thanx.
' ~Jason Ryczek -
Dim red(0 To 256) As Integer, green(0 To 256) As Integer, blue(0 To 256) As Integer
Dim RadialGrow As Boolean
Sub ColorFade()
For i = 0 To 256 Step 1
red(i) = i
' the number 1 is the radial size, change that to make the
' radial size around the axis
green(i) = green(i) + (Rnd * 1) + (Rnd * -1)
If RadialGrow = True Then
If green(i) > 256 Or green(i) < 0 Then
green(i) = 256 / 2
End If
End If
PSet (green(i), red(i) + 10), RGB(0, 256 - i, 256 - i)
End Sub
Private Sub Form_Load()
For i = 0 To 256 Step 1
green(i) = 256 / 2
' this makes it so that the radius keeps growing
RadialGrow = True
End Sub
Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
Timer1.Interval = 1
End Sub

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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