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Loading Windows Bitmaps in Pure VB without the LoadPicture function

for those who are interested in the Bitmap File Format this is all you need. ot get started this module shows how to load Windows Bitmap Files in Pure VB that means no API calls at all, and not using the basic LoadPicture Function, it can go faster if you at use the SetPixel API instead of PSET, this is made for people who wants to go a little more advanced in saving,loading bitmaps then the basic LoadPicture() function that comes with VB. the code currently supports 24bit uncompressed bitmaps but will soon support 16-bit,256colors or grayscale(8bit),16colors(4bit) and Monochrome lineart (1bit).
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Original Author: John Mikhaiel

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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