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Easy Registry

This code is meant for exposing the users to the registry.
This code will do more than you think. This software can be used for
security in the windows 9x/Me systems by disabling most of the features
if the user has not logged in correctly.
By using this program you can hide the background, screen saver,
settings pages in the display control panel, disable registry editing etc.
This program contains nearly 80 options of this kind and it is clearly shown
in the screen shot. Only a small part of the code is displayed in the screen shot.
As this is meant for security, you can password protect this application. Using this program
you can even reveal the passwords hidden under the astericks in the password text boxes
by just dragging an icon over it. This even has more restrictions for the IE also.
NOTE: At first run the passowrd to the program is "PleaseLogin" without the quotes.
I am sure, that this program will amaze you. So please vote for it.

Original Author: M.Sundaravel


Actually, there is no input required. Just few clicks and you are done.


At the first run itself, the program will ask for the
password. Please provide the password as "PleaseLogin" without quotes.
Then you can change the password using the "Password management" tab in the program


The response of the program is editing the registry
automatically to provide many restrictions in windows.

Side Effects

Please remove all the restrictions you set before
uninstalling or deleting the program. Otherwise you have to do it
by manually editing the registry.

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