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Chat Project

The final of my winsock series (ok, it wasn't a series, but I can pretend). It's a fully working chat project, with an article to describe it. Also good to start out you'r own netowrk app from.

Original Author: Philip Jensen


As always I will place some links, but this time I also upload it to psc (if it works), and I will try to update my old projects by uploading, but check the URL's because that is were I post updates first.

Well let's talk about this article. It's the ending of an era. It's a fully working chat server and client, not advanced, but I have made it easy for you to advance it, and given you some ideas.

I think that is a good way to learn, if you learn by making something you'r self, and you don't even have to think this time, I have already done some of it for you, well not it all, but download the article and find out.

Article - The article(but you need the whole project, so don't use this one, use the compressed.

Compressed - Get this one.

Please give some feedback. Although it's a little strange article if you compare to my other articles.

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