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NTDomain and Server List Sample

This sample project shows how to scan a network for all domains, then list either all servers on the domain or only the SQL servers on the domain. It uses the NetEnumServers API call and a NetEnumDomains function found in the NIMM.bas module which was originally written and posted here by *Patrick Herbst*. The NIMM.bas module has a TON of features for network management. FANTASTIC JOB Patrick! Thanks also goes out to Michael Monaghan for directing me to the posting that LED me to this solution. Even if this sample is the greatest thing since sliced bread to you (doubt it), please do not vote for this module, 99 percent of the REAL CODE was not written by me. I used alot of ideas from alot of authors (including Microsoft's technical articles).

Original Author: Stan Amditis

Side Effects

Some domains are very slow to scan and cause the computer to enter into a wait state while scanning with no windows events being processed.

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