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VoxelSpace - Realtime 3D using Native VB

VoxelSpace is a 3D demo based on classical voxel rendering
algorithms. VoxelSpace features 3D terrain rendering using
24bit depth, texture mapping, dynamic lighting, atmosphere
effect, animated water, semitranslucent overlays and more.
VoxelSpace has been developed in pure Visual Basic, though
some external library calls to the win32 api have been un-
System Requirements: The faster your machine, the faster a
framerate you will get. No OS restriction (works fine with
NT), no libraries (forget DirectX, OpenGL or someone elses
dlls). No display restrictions. Runs at 20+ fps on a P266.
Note: Always evaluate the compiled executable, running the
application from within the VisualBasic environment is too
slow and guarantees frustration!
Note: ALWAYS RUN IN 24bit OR 32bit COLOR MODE!

Original Author: Wolfgang Kienreich

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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