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Ultimate Windows API Class ver 2.0. A great tool which gives programmers loads of good functions..

Now Here is an Updated version of WINAPI Class. Now the code is completely remarked so that you know to use each and every function in this class without any difficulty. This also teaches you a lot of Creating and Using Classes. You get to know a little about Object Oriented Programming (OOP).

This class is an indispensable tool for any programmer. This WinAPI class has a large no. of functions useful in everyday programming. For example, this Class has functions to Find Files in folders, all the operations with Registry, Disk Space and Volume information, Play Audio CD's, Extract Icons from EXE Files, Change the ToolBar Style, Enable Hotkeys for your Apps, Hide or show a Window, Make a window Transparent, Set the Desktop Wallpaper, Show or Set the Computer Name, Show Recycle Bin, Detect Sound Card, Set system Work Area, Show or Hide the Mouse, Change or Retrieve the Mouse Position, Enable Menu Bitmaps, Have your program's own Icon in tray which act as a quick access to your program, Open a website, Start the screensaver , Enable Autorun for a range of drives of your choice, Clear the Document List in Start menu or add an Item to it, Show or Hide the Windows TaskBar, Delay your program for a specified no. of seconds or minutes, Disable Ctrl-Alt-Delete, Shutdown, Restart or Log Off Windows and much, much more!!. I can guarantee that this class will be very useful to you whatever is your experience level. Enjoy VB Programming!!!. If you like the code please vote for me.

Original Author: Akhil P

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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