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_*Black Dream client and secret server application*_

Sorry gyes......I couldn't add the GREATE screen shot because it won't let me upload it. But it should be added soon. Please read this and leave a comment and a vote. Thanks :-)
Black Dream is a really good client application, which connects to a server which can be hidden on peoples computers. Theirs many features involved with this application, from changing someones wallpaper without them knowing to downloading and uploading files to thier computer. This program features options under....Keyboard, mouse, system, file/directory, fun, run, registry, control, server, modem, key logging, computer information and lot's more!!! I've added about 110 command codes which can be sent from the Black Dream client to the secret server but not added them in because ether their to hard to understand or it just wouldn't fit.......PLEASE TRY RUNNING THIS AND TESTING IT ON YOUR LOCAL IP Run the server, you will not be able to see anything because it's a secret server... The run the Black Dream client and connect or scan the local IP address for the server. When it finds it connect and try out some of the super commands in their. CHECK OUT THE SCREEN SHOT!!!! AND LEAVE A VOTE AND COMMENT...Thanks :-) The only things this is missing is the start up code for when the user restarts the computer the servers meant to hide and run (Also I didn't add the hide in ctrl, alt, del for the server) But it's greate try it out.

Original Author: Mark Withers

API Declarations

See MainMod.bas

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