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A+ code: send silent e-mails using mapi easily!

This code will teach the beginner how to send anonymous and silent e-mails from within their VB apps. Great for silently mailing back a keylogging file! This is meant for the absolute beginner so don't bother pointng out that it is simple. If you use it there is no need to give me credit but please vote or say you like it!

Original Author: erLog


you need to have a mapi - enabled e-mail client (such as outlook express) and place the controls on a form (right click toolbar then microsoft mapi controls) with a command button.


'By littlegreenrussian *
Private Sub Command1_Click() 'user clicks send
On Error GoTo mailerr: 'go to the error handling bit if there is an error
MAPISession1.SignOn 'sign on
If MAPISession1.SessionID <> 0 Then 'signed on
With MAPIMessages1
.SessionID = MAPISession1.SessionID
.Compose 'start a new message
.AttachmentName = "..." 'attachment name
.AttachmentPathName = Text1 ' attachment path (get this from the text box or a default dirrectory)
.RecipAddress = Text2 'set the receiver's email to the one they specified (again, text box or a default address)
.MsgSubject = "..." 'set the subject
.MsgNoteText = "............" 'message text
.Send False 'don't display a dialog saying it was sent

End With
Exit Sub
End If
mailerr: 'error handling
MsgBox "Error " & Err.Description
End Sub

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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