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HiByte,HiWord,LoByte,LoWord, MakeInt and MakeLong

Often especially when dealing with the API, byte and integer data types will be packed into LONG INTEGER (32 bit) values.
Thes snippets allow you to decode/encode these 32 bit longs:

Original Author: Duncan Jones


Public Function hiByte(ByVal w As Integer) As Byte
  If w And &H8000 Then
   hiByte = &H80 Or ((w And &H7FFF) &HFF)
   hiByte = w 256
  End If
End Function
Public Function HiWord(dw As Long) As Integer
If dw And &H80000000 Then
   HiWord = (dw 65535) - 1
  HiWord = dw 65535
End If
End Function
Public Function LoByte(w As Integer) As Byte
LoByte = w And &HFF
End Function
Public Function LoWord(dw As Long) As Integer
If dw And &H8000& Then
   LoWord = &H8000 Or (dw And &H7FFF&)
   LoWord = dw And &HFFFF&
  End If
End Function
Public Function MakeInt(ByVal LoByte As Byte, ByVal hiByte As Byte) As Integer
MakeInt = ((hiByte * &H100) + LoByte)
End Function
Public Function MakeLong(ByVal LoWord As Integer, ByVal HiWord As Integer) As Long
MakeLong = ((HiWord * &H10000) + LoWord)
End Function

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