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FireStorm V1.5 (UPDATED AGAIN)

Firestorm is back with some great new features!
Apart from the usual eye-popping visuals,
Firestorm 1.3 has the following new features:
A new GUI and easier palette access, 2 new palettes, Animation saving and Bit-mapped origin (See screen shot).
Download It NOW!!!
UPDATE!!!: New in 1.4: Bitmap origins can now be PAINTED on with the mouse!!!
UPDATE AGAIN: new in v1.5
Slightly improved visuals, Compile optimizations
for 70 FPS Code!! NEW palette format (40 times smaller than previously), NEW!!! Fullscreen mode!
NOTE: If you would like to make your own palettes, simply download the Firestorm Palette Generator (It has instructions on how to use it in the comments)

Original Author: Michael Pote

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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