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Gradient Button v1.3.0

This button was created to be an enhanced replacement for Visual Basic's standard command button by adding more options, visual effects, and compatibility. I cannot guarantee that this code is bug free although I have made every attempt to make it such. If you have any problems with this code please contact me and I'll do what I can to help you through the problem.
Release 1.3.0:
+ New:
- Added Picture Alignment (Thanks Edwin Vermeer)
- Added Elliptical and Box Gradients
- Added Caption and Picture Alignment Cushions (Almost like margins)
- Added BackGround/Control Autosizing (Picture Modes)
- Added HSL Gradient Blending (Thanks Ulli & Edwin Vermeer)
- Added Gradient Repetitions (Thanks Edwin Vermeer)
- Added Hover options which allow Full Hover Effects / Border Only Hover / All Hover Effects except Border
- Added Mouse Pointer/Icon handling for Disabled, Down, and Hover states.
+ Fixed:
- Bug in Enabled Property (Design Mode, Control would appear enabled even though control was disabled after a form with control on it was closed then re-opened, Bug has present since Release 1.0.0) (Thanks for reporting problem, Edwin Vermeer)
- Bug in scaling that would cause the button to crash when placed on a parent that did not have ScaleMode available (PictureBox on an MDI form, etc...). Now if Parent.ScaleMode is not available button will scale co-ordinates to Twips (Thanks for reporting problem, costamar)
- Bug in ToolTips that would cause button to crash when used in environments without the extender object (Access VBA, etc...) (Thanks for reporting problem, Edwin Vermeer)
+ Improved:
- Caption Alignment has been improved to allow for positioning in any of 9 different positions [Changed existing enumeration which will cause some problems when upgrading] (Left Top / Left Middle / Left Bottom / Center Top Center Middle / Center Bottom / Right Top / Right Middle / Right Bottom)
- Enabled/Disabled coding to allow more control over the Disabled state of the control. Now prevents event processing instead of disabling the user control.
- ToolTips to allow using ToolTips in environments that don't support the Extender.

Original Author: Stephen Kent

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