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CyberCrypt Self-Extractor edition 8.0

This is another wonderful CyberCrypt version which
includes two new Utilitys, 1: Self-Extracting EXE
creator, 2: File splitter. I have done some editing to
code in this program, and made it better for the user.
I'd just like to thankyou all for voting contest
winner for version 7.0 of CyberCrypt. For that i've
also added some good graphical advances to make the
user interface look better. If you think this is good
then please vote, i'd also like some ideas, "I know",
"I know", you all said put rar and zip format in but
at the moment i've been working on other projects. I
like this program very much and infact only found
three bugs since version 7.0 of CyberCrypt. Don't
worry if you have saved any CyT files in versions 6.0
lower because this one and version 7.0 has an archive
convertor. Anyhow thanks again and please leave a comment.

Original Author: Mark Withers

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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