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This submission subclasses a folder via a com object I created.
The COM object uses a callback to a function defined in a module , through an undocumented API which hooks into the event notification
system of the shell. In this a case I created a small form to allow you to see it in action. Click Command1 To register the window for notification of events triggered in the C: emp folder or any folder you want(just change the code), Then copy a file into the folder,or rename a file in the folder, or delete one- whatever. You will get a msgbox alerting your application window that an event has occurred. It also logs to the NT log or a textfile, and detects the current operating system (all via the windows API). I use this in place of timer based routines that just wait poll folder for the existence files. Like the SMTP Service.

Original Author: Eker

API Declarations

See File..Too many to list.

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6

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