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An mp3 Player

This mp3 player is a little different to the mp3 players i`ve seen on this site
because it uses no media controls to play the files. It only uses the MCI commands.
Operations, 1.Play 2.Pause 3.Stop 4.Previous 5.Next 6.Mute 7.Random Select
8.Clear FileList 9.Volume Control 10.Slow Play 11.Normal Play 12.Fast Play and a
nice progress indicator. It also contains an Explorer Tree that i wrote to browse for
Files. INFO REQUIRED. can someone show me what information i need to add to
a C++ dll for me to access it from VB. eg. I`ve wrote a C++ dll with a simple
function in it, but when i try and access it from VB it tells me that it can`t find an
entry point, i think it said. Just recieved an e.mail stating that if the Computer name is
numeric my Explorer Tree causes a run time error, thanks for the feedback jason. The Explorer
Tree in this App uses the same Explorer Tree that i uploaded about a month ago.
Thought Microsoft fixed TreeView in new service pack but abviously not. I`ll fix it ltr.

Original Author: Neil Etherington

Side Effects

Music (Wow)

API Declarations

MCI Commands and a few for Explorer Tree.

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An mp3
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