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UPDATED - PC calendar enhanced

This code builds on the PC Calendar submitted by Johnathan Fullman

The new version includes:

-Microsoft Agent Intergration

-Streamlined Interface

-A few tweaks, and bug fixes

You can do a whole lot more with agent, then i've demonstrated in this app, and really add some cool functionality.

Kudos to Johnathan for making a great calendar app.

(Be sure to download the Microsoft agent components from
You'll need the agent runtime, the merlin character, and the text to speech engine. Most new computers come pre-installed with agent.)

UPDATED!!! New version includes compelling new personalization features, usability improvements, tighter agent intergration, bug fixes, and some minor interface tweaks. Please leave any comments you have.

Original Author: #uberGeek

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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