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TaskBar Control

This is a UserControl i did for a recent project. It almost fully emulates Windows taskbar functionality. Written from scratch, uses heavy advanced API and subclassing.
Code greatly inspired by submissions to this site and Everything is done the hard way, the way a VC++ programer would do it. And btw, lots of lame code here. Don't know why people upload so much rubbish.
I'm a professional VB coder and maybe my judgement is too harsh :-)) Anyway, don't bother to vote but do comment here.

Original Author: Vlad Vissoultchev

Side Effects

Well, VB IDE is totally hacked by this piece of code, but i put some effort to prevent nasty redrawing side effects.

API Declarations

'see mdWinAPI,bas -- 300+ lines

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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