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Disconnected Recordset

The Vb program attempts a connection to the internet on a server somewhere and returns a disconnected recordset.

You will need to specify the database name (currently Access databases) but if you modify the asp pages you can also make connection to a SQL Server. It also expects a SQL statement for asp page to execute (when you double click a table name, a default SELECT statement is set).

The asp pages will return to the VB Client a list of table names for the specified database and a disconnected recordset for the SQL statement.

You might have to modify the asp page that returns the recordset to return records in groups of say 3000 records at a time if the database is very large. But then since this is just a demonstration and an idea to get started, there is definately lots of work that need to be done to make bug free. Good luck anyway guys.

I havent done any error trapping so you may have to supply valid SQL statements for your asp pages to execute correctly.

Original Author: Eshaq Amir

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