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QSV (Quake Stats Viewer) v1.0

Finally! The complete Quake Stats Viewer. Extracts all the information you can think of from your Quake generated logs. This program is brilliant for use at lan games, or whatever.
This program (literally) rips out all the information I could think of. Even generates a relative skill level of all the players in a game! This, I truly believe, is a must-see.
I have included a small sample log file, for those of you that don't have Quake, or access to log files.

Original Author: Andreas Laubscher


Quake generated log file.


The code is well commented. If you get stuck, I have included my contact address in the upload.


All the statistical information you can think of!

Side Effects

None (I know of)

API Declarations


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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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