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Access ADO/DAO Database via Winsock Control

Heres another good example of using a winsock control to access a ADO database over a network/dialup connection. This project shows how to Add/Delete, Read/Write access with ease. Also I have inbedded authentication against the database via the winsock control. This project gives you the functionally to store and retrieve data remotely and keep track off multi-users online with up to date online and offline status's, into a treeview control. you can create personal folders and use drag drop features to move messages around (remotely). Also allows users to compress the database to keep hundreds of message clean and tidy. also this code shows how to export messages and send internal messages to the server to be export by email, by a internet dialup connection. Now works with Windows NT / Windows 2000. email me if it doesnt work.
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Original Author: Chris Hatton


Multi-user works fine if theres a problem let me know email:

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