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App.Path Thing

Correct Reference to Files in App.Path.
For Newbies and for all who get Errors and don't know why.
If you think this deserves a Vote, then do so, if not, then don't. I just wanted to explain a common error source !

Original Author: Thomas Sturm


After seeing so many wrong codes on this, I decided to clear things up a bit.
If you want to refer to a file located in app.path, nearly everyone writes
SomeVar$ = App.Path & "SomeFile.txt"
What if the Program is located in the Root-Directory ? It gives a Run-Time Error because of the "\", since App.Path returns "C:" for example, then appends "SomeFile.txt", which results in "C:\SomeFile.txt".
ONE correct way would be :
Dim SourceFile As String
If Right$(App.Path, 1) = "" Then
SourceFile = App.Path & "SomeFile.txt"
SourceFile = App.Path & "SomeFile.txt"
End If
This is the way I use, if there are any other, please put it in the comments.

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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