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A Project‘«÷s Source Code Printer

UPDATED‘«™fixed a problem printing ‘«£Property‘«ō functions.
Have you ever needed to print out a copy of your source code to put into a validation record or you just want a hard copy? This application will give you a well-formatted printout that includes a cover page, a table of contents and a brief summary. You can select which printer to print to and some of the printer settings without using any OCX. It will also will show you how to print centered, print right justified, print from right, print in color, center a form (task bar aware), and display a progress bar (progress bar class was modified by me but I am not the originator). It will not print a picture of the form itself (I do not know how print a form that is not part of the running application, if anyone does please let me know). It will do good job of printing your source code.
Check out version 2 at

Original Author: Morgan Haueisen

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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