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DartBoard Control

A while ago I was developing a dart statistics program, unfortunualy sometime later I
stopped developing. But I already made an control to handle the dartboard.
It's not completly finished, I still have to add a dart throw animation
in it. But still I think it's ready for use.
Some features:
- Board is resizable
- all colors are adjustable
- all ring sizes are adjustable.
Throw dart:
- by mouse clicking on the board
- by entering the darts x,y location
- by entering the darts value.
I found it a waste of good programming to leave it on my computer without any use.
I hope some of you can use it in your own applications.
If someone can send me a good animation of a dart in flight,
I would appreciate it and I would put it in the control as well.

Original Author: D. de Haas

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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