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Configure your Application by file on the Webserver !!

It configure the application by recieving data (a file) from a webserver/Website.
example, you start this program & the application will go to your site , downloads a file (config file) & then change the behavior of the application as my example , hidding buttons, changing a text label on the form , disabling checkbox's.. ect...
So you could write now applications , people start it up , retrieves a file from your site with updated value's , information ...
More information availible in the ZIP file Readme.txt
Check my other applications on PSC !
---- Dynamic Webserver UPDATED ------
---- RS232 - DATALOOK ---------------
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Original Author: Peter V.


I use the standard Inet control !
(standard in VB4-5-6)

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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