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Monsoon Controls

I first made these controls for NAVEN(the game i am making, search for it on psc), but am now just adding any controls i need for my newest apps, this will probably be my last submission for awhile because i am working on a IDE for 10 languages(hope i finish it), which i will post on psc(probably). this set of controls includes a scrolling container, a gradient label, a fairly unique horizontal scroller(look at it and you will see why there is no vertical one), a gradient progressbar, a system button, a toggle button, a flat button, and a ton of API calls that i will use in the next version of this(a few new controls that i am working on use them). hope you ppl like this.

Original Author: Cory J. Geesaman

Side Effects

There are currently two known errors, if you can find out how to fix them or find more please email me at Both errors i know of have to do with storing and retreiving data from the propbag; the first error is in the container, it will not let you change the backcolor for some reason; the second error is in the hscroller, it does not let you change the forecolor. I have looked for the past few hours and cannot find the cause(it is probably too obvious i am overlooking it, so i thought maybee someone else may have a different perspective on my code). Even if you can't fix this for yourself they are still very good controls and are definatly usable.

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