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Cops And Robbers

This is the first REAL gmae I created its to show all u mother F@#! what I can really do. This is very late to be shown It was actually created back in Decemember 2000, christmass. It was made after I had had about 5 months of VB programming experince. This is just a little game, and yes all u Half-life fans, the sounds are from half-life. and plz don;t sue me if this gees agaisnt any copyright law tell me and i'll take it down... Anyways this is gonna be one of my last VB projects i have persued a carear in Palm OS programming, and C++/Web page development... Thanks all 4 reading this and please leave any comments nessacery as long as there not just trashing me.... Peace out all

Original Author: Marc Lindenbach

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


Cops And
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