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RedFTP Daemon - A Windows FTP Server

Visual Basic 6, or VB Classic

It is what it says, a FTP Server. Based on the
source of nearly all the others here, gathered
what was useful into this one. Also got support
for SITE commands that some of you might be
aware of from glFTPd for Linux. As well as a
bit script support have been added. The user
and group system are also nearly done, just
needs a bit more works.
IMPORTANT: You need to read the IMPORTANT.TXT
file that is included within the .rar file
of this package.

Original Author: Red

Side Effects

IMPORTANT NOTE! Read the Important.txt file
included within the .rar file that is shipped
with this .zip file. That file explains where
to get and install the necessary .OCX files if
you don't already have them installed.

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Visual Basic 6


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