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Connect to SQL Server 7/2000

This code/tutorial is a beginners guide to connecting to your own SQL Server database.

Original Author: Dan Lash


You have, and installed Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.x


Private Sub Form_Load()
'First, Project->References->Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects
'Now, declare the connection
Dim adoConn As New adodb.connection
'Declare the recordset
Dim adoRS As New adodb.Recordset
'Declare the querey
Dim sqlString As String
'Set the connection string:
'Driver tells it were using SQL Server
'Server says what it is named (click the properties of your server through Enterprise Manager. If you don't have E.M. you must reinstall)
'Database is the database within the SQL Server we want
'Also tell it our login/password (which you can setup by adding a user to your database, there is a button that says add user)
adoConn.ConnectionString = "Driver={SQL Server}; " & _
  "Server=MYSQLSERVER; " & _
  "Database=testdatabase; " & _
  "UID=admin; " & _
'Set the querey
sqlString = "SELECT * FROM personal"
'Open the connection
'Execute the querey:
'Tell it what we want
'Tell it where to get it
'Allow the user to fully navigate the recordset
'Tell it that were going to lock the records right after we edit them
'Tell the server that the command is in text format
adoRS.Open sqlString, _
adoConn, _
adOpenKeyset, _
adLockPessimistic, _
'Loop through our recordset
While Not adoRS.EOF
lstNames.AddItem Trim(adoRS("id")) & ". " & _
Trim(adoRS("fname")) & " " & Trim(adoRS("lname"))
'Get the next record
'Close the recordset
'Close the connection
'Set the objects to nothing
Set adoRS = Nothing
Set adoConn = Nothing
End Sub

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