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Trial Registration OCX - 100% working example and keygen. this is a must see!

Completly redone. Completly new encryption scheme. Did you want to add a trial registration to your program. or just a registration plain and simple. or evan charge money for your programs. well I just made it easier for you. it would be a bit hard to copy my code in my earlier post with just a example. but now I have created a complete ocx. it works excelent. and there is 100% bullet proof file security. if you edit it. the program will now. it has its ways. but to know more check it out for your self. download my great programs!. complete with working keygen and example app. also the OCX Source code. I am sure thats what you all want ;) give me some credit. and a nice vote. I work hard for all of you.

Original Author: meth0s

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Posted: 2002-06-01
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Visual Basic 6


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